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Coaching Toward Clarity

2019: 30-Day Well Challenge

The New York Times is offering a free, 30-day challenge as a great way to build your foundation in 2019. This program focuses on 4 dimensions: Move-Refresh-Connect-Nourish. I'll be participating. Perhaps you'll join me?

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2018 Year in Review


Before you dive into planning for the year ahead, I encourage you to take the time to reflect on the year that is ending. This tool, from Q4 Consulting, provides some great questions for you to consider. Enjoy! 

Year_In_Review_2018 (pdf)


Coaching Toward Clarity

Why coaching?

Life can be complicated, messy and exciting. Sometimes we all need support to more effectively navigate challenges and opportunities. People often come to coaching when they are entering a period of transition or seeking some kind of transformation. 

How does it work?

As an integral coach, I pay attention to your whole self: your ideas, beliefs, emotions, and experiences. I will support you in becoming more introspective, tapping the wisdom and knowledge you hold inside. With my support, you can translate these insights into action. 

What is the program?

We spend time together in conversation, and our work is guided by a unique, custom-designed personal development plan. Over the course of several months, you will develop a set of capabilities that will help address your current coaching topic and support your lifelong self-development skills.  

Tobi Marcus, Ph.D.

I trained in integral coaching at New Ventures West in San Francisco, an internationally accredited coaching program. My practice integrates this coaching philosophy along with over 25 years experience as a strategy consultant and senior executive. I am also certified as a Designing Your Life Coach, utilizing the framework developed by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans of Stanford University. I have worked with individuals and groups across a range of industries and sectors, and I have coached both senior executives and emerging leaders. What unifies my work is a commitment to the growth and development of my clients. I bring compassion, intuition, patience, and curiosity to my coaching practice.

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